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3 years ago

Email Notification Blast to ever changing QB User Email List via an automation.

I have an automation that adds records in a table. In that record is content that I want to send to an ever changing list of my QB users. Each Record added contains an email address for the recipient of the information (email content fields) in the record. Multiple records are created with the automation. The email notification is triggered by the addition of these records in the table. How can I prevent the user from seeing a copy of the content of each record added in the notification as the content is the same for each added record (except for the email address)?

George Bramhall

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  • Hi George,

    How is the body of the email set up? Does it use the Default or Custom Message?

    If it's "default" or using the %recData%, you can change it to use the individual fields vs the whole form. This way you can leave off the field with all the emails.

    Sharon Faust (
    Founder, Quick Base Junkie
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      Hi Sharon,
      I am using a Custom Message.
      It appears the emails are coming over on the multi-record version.
      Here is my custom message:
      [ACQ Notification - Description]

      Click to place hold (you must be logged in to Terminus for this to work):
      [ACQ Notification Hold URL]

      Click here to log in to Terminus:

      Should I be using %recData% instead of %RepeatOn% - %RepeatOff% ? I am not familiar with %recData%

      George Bramhall
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        The repeat markers are used to repeat the info for each record in multi-record action. I think this may be where your issue is.

        The %recData% inserts a copy of the record based on the specified form. I don't believe you can use the %recData% with the multi-record version of the email.

        If the records are added in bulk, the 'mult-record' version will automatically be sent and per my note above, would include all the records. 

        There isn't a good in-between unless you can trick it into sending a single record version.

        Sharon Faust (
        Founder, Quick Base Junkie