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3 years ago

Employee Global Assignment

I have an Employees table and a Safety Topics table. I have them joined with a Safety Assignments table to achieve a many to many relationship. My overall goal is to have someone post a new safety topic with attachments in the Safety Topics table and have that create an assignment in the Safety Assignments table for every employee to review the safety topic with an automated email for the employee to "check off" whether they have completed it or not. The employees don't have access to this app - only their supervisors, which is why I want an automated email that the employee can click a link that will update their record without them actually going into the app. I think I know how to do the email for the most part, but I can't figure out how to auto-create an assignment for each employee record whenever a new safety topic is created.  I want to be able to look at the safety topics table and know who hasn't reviewed the safety topic.

Any suggestions on how to do this or even if there is a different way I can achieve the same effect - thanks.

Jordan McAlister

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  • Hi Jordan, you can use a pipeline for this. Trigger would be - when a new Safety Topics record is added. Then use a Search Records step on the Employees table, with no filter (assuming all employees need to review all safety topics). In the loop under the search, create a Safety Assignments record, filling in the reference fields back to Employees and Safety Topics.

    Brian Cafferelli
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  • Hi Jordan,

    Automating the process of creating a record for every Employee in your many to many table whenever a new Safety Topic is added is something that you can do with Pipelines. You can set a Pipeline up to trigger whenever a new Safety Topic is added and then have it go to your Employee table, pull up every employee and then create a record in the Safety Assignments table for each employee it finds related to the Safety Topic that triggered it. There is an example article we have of using Pipelines to import in template records and your use case is a little different but pretty similar, instead of bringing in a list of template records you are bringing in a list of employees instead and relating them to your Safety Topic. This way you can avoid the manual process of having to go in employee by employee

    Evan Martinez