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6 years ago

Exciting feature for integrators Ð new mergeFieldId in API_ImportFromCSV

We know that approximately half of all Quick Base traffic comes from our API. This is a staggering statistic that continues to rise. This is partly due to new integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solutions accelerating in the market (such as Workato, Zapier, and others). Many customers are also either themselves, or with a valued QSP, writing custom code that integrates other systems with Quick Base. Our data shows that customers leveraging these integrations are getting even more value out of Quick Base.

We want to ensure that our builders can integrate Quick Base with other solutions as easily as possible. Historically, builders have needed to use workarounds if they werenÕt able to match the keys. One alternative was to change the key field on the table, rather than the built-in Record ID#. While powerful, this has the potential to become complicated and burdensome. Knowing that API_ImportFromCSV is used tens of millions of times per week, we knew we needed to make integrations easier. To that end, we are introducing a new feature to this API call. Today, when calling this API, the key field is used to tell Quick Base which records the data being imported should match to. Visually, the flow looks something like the below*.

*This is just a sample representation. Many different workflows are possible.

With our new feature coming with the November release, integrators will be able to pass in any unique field and Quick Base will do the matching. This completely eliminates what is usually the most difficult part of an integration Ð the ÒTÓ (Transform) in ÒETLÓ.

Now, the process will look something like this.

We worked hard on this feature, after identifying it as an important need in the Òbuilder journeyÓ. We expect this to go live with our November release, with updates to the API documentation shortly thereafter. Below, IÕve included a payload request sample as well a sample of a possible error we might return when using this feature. We encourage you try this feature in your integrations. As always, please provide feedback in UserVoice by clicking the orange ÒFeedbackÓ button from your ÒMy AppsÓ page.

Sample request with new mergeFieldId

Sample response when the mergeFieldId is not unique


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