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3 years ago

Field Required Based On Another Fields Value

I am attempting to make a field be required based on another fields value.  IE: If the Field 1 = value of 1 , then Field 2 (date) is required , but if Field 1 value is 0 then field 2 (date) it is not required?

Scott Hunter

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  • Hey Scott,
    Looks like you need a dynamic form rule.

    Go to your table --> settings --> forms --> click the form you want to do this in--> go to the top of the list and click on dynamic form rules in the rightmost tab --> Add New Rule

    Set the condition: 
    WHEN field 1 equals the value 1;

    Set the action: 
    Require field 2

    It should automatically set the inverse when Field 1 is not equal to 1, but if you wanted to change that, simply add another condition + action with the criteria you want. 

    Hope this helped!

    Karah Weber