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2 years ago

Find out child table in cross app relationships?

If I have a table in App A, is there a way to find all of it's relationships? Meaning, if it has a cross app relationship, where the table in App B is the child, you don't see the relationship from the parent. Do I have to manually go through every table that could potentially be a child table, and look at the relationships? Or is there some sneaky way for me to find all the child tables of a cross app relationship?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Mike:

    I haven't run into a "point and click" method for doing this, however...

    Usually what I'll do it put a summary field in the remote parent table that shows the # of children that parent has. This acts as a visual reminder that there's a relationship there.  It's less than optimal, but at least there's some way to see those relationship from the parent. 

    Hope that helps (a little!). 

    joe vandervest
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      If you go to the Home page and suffix the URL with

      It will tell you the apps which are "dependent" and why, typically due to cross app relationships.  That might help.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)