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2 months ago

Formula help

I currently have this 

If([Tour - Salesroom]= " Solmar-New", [Sales Manager]= "Mark Torontow",[Sale - Purchase Price]*ToNumber([Sales Manager Point])/100 

first I am getting a yellow notice at end of 100 thought I needed ) but still yellow but I want to add more to this statement.

 basically need to say

If (Tour-Salesroom]= "Solmar-New" then pick Mark jones name in Sales Manger field (frop down list)  and pick 4% in sale point field (drop down list or if salesroom is VIP then pick James Dean in sales manager and pick 1.8% ins salepoint field. 

I donn't know what all the "fuctions do in writing a formula.

thanks inadvance 



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  • A text or numeric formula in QuickBase is similar to Excel, in that it performs a calculation.  It does not set the value in fields.


    i suggest that you explore using Form Rules to populate certain fields based on the Tour Type And the sales points rate.