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2 months ago

Formula to populate a field based on another field that contains a specific text string?

I'd like to have a field on a form automatically populate based on if a specific text string exists inside of another field.  Let say field 2 will be populate with the text "red squadron" if field 1 contains the text "red".  Can I do this with a formula using contains or would I need to create a table where all possible combinations that contain the text "red" would align to being in red squadron? 


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  • If that is the only rule, then yes a simple 'Change Field 2 to 'Red Squadron' if Field One contains red, should work just fine. However, if there are lots of options (If field 1 contains blue, change field 2 to Blue Raspberry....etc), then I would first make a helper field called: [Word to Place in Field 2]. That would just be a long formula with all your possibilities, and then simply use that new field to fill in Field 2.