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2 years ago

Freeze the First Few Fields in Table View


I would like to freeze the first few fields (columns) in table view. We have tables with many fields and when we scroll we'd like the first four to scroll with us. How can I do this?

Meagan McOlin

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  • You cannot do this; only the first field "freezes".

    But you can either build a single formula-text field (permanently) which allows you to string those fields together into a single formula; and make sure to use that as your first column.

    Also, you can build the same formula as a Report Formula which means it only exists inside that Report, and make sure that the Report-Formula-Field is the first field in the column list.

    List(" - ",
    [Study ID],
    [Study Status],
    [First Name] & " " & [Last Name]

    Laura Thacker (IDS)
    (626) 771 0454