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3 years ago

GCal Formula Help - Creating a calendar invite with attendees added

Hi all, wondering if someone can help with this. 

So we have some buttons in our apps that we use to quickly create an email. We use a combined text field that contains all of the email addresses and the button formula looks like this...

"" & [Emails of Project Team] & "&subject=" & URLEncode("Project Team Email: " &[Project Name] )

This button opens a new gmail tab, adds all the email addresses into the "To" field and populates the subject line too]

Now here's the question...

Can we do the same thing for calendar invites? So could we have a button that opened a new google calendar tab, created a new event, populated the emails of the people into the "Attendees" and populated the event name with the project name.

The date and time doesnt matter, the user can edit this. The point is we want to make it easier to create a calendar event with the project team

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated


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