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3 years ago

getting highest value in a child's record

Hi,  I have a parent and a child table.

On the child table I have several fields one of them being the severity level.  What I need to do is find the child record with the highest severity for one case.  

Case # 123456789
5 child records related to case
Record 1 - Severity level 0
Record 2- Severity Level 1
Record 3 - Severity Level 2
Record 4 - Severity Level 2
Record 5 - Severity Level 2

What I need is a field that will tell me the  highest level is severity level 2.  I was able to do this with a checkbox formula.  However, the three records are all checked.  I just want one level 2 record checked.  How can I do this?

Thank you in advance

Sandralee Oster

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  • You can create a summary field using the 'Summary of a specific field' option
    Select 'Maximum' for the field 'Security Level'

    Hope that helps!

    Hannah Jacobson
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      I already have the summary report setup to give me the Maximum severity level.  It does return the highest number, however, it will return all records with the highest severity level for the parent record.  I just want it to return one record with the highest level.  I need it so that only one checkbox is selected because I also have a report that counts closed cases by severity level.  So if one case has more than one checkbox selected for highest severity level, it will askew the results.

      Sandralee Oster
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        You have the Max Priority level up on the Parent.  Look that up down to the children and call it [Max Severity level].

        Then make a summary of the Maximum (or minimum) Record ID# where the Severity level = [Max Severity level] and call it [Record ID# of the first (last) child w/ Highest Severity Level]. 

        Then look that up down to the Children.

        Then your flagged child will be determined by formula where where the [Record ID#] = [Record ID# of the first (last) child w/ Highest Severity Level]

        Mark Shnier (YQC)
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