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3 years ago

Hide a reports group

Hello! A quick question: Is it possible to create a reports group and then hide the group based on role? I understand how to edit permissions to a report by role, but don't see a way to do it by group. Just want to check if the functionality exists.


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  • Interesting  idea, but that functionality does not exist.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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  • Hi Chyanne,

    There is not a way to hide or edit permissions on a report group today. That is something I would suggest adding to our User Voice though. User Voice is a tool our product team uses to help track ideas and interest from customers in new features and enhancements to existing features. Our User voice can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quickbase by clicking on the orange Feedback tab that appears on the right of the page or at by signing in with your Quickbase credentials. If you have any trouble signing in directly with the URL going through the Feedback tab on the My Apps page most often resolves them. What can also be helpful is once you have added a User Voice request if you drop a link back to it here in this thread any other community members interested could add their vote for it as well.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager