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3 months ago

How to create a Combined Text summary field using a relationship field

I need to display the field value for each child record of the parent table in a report in a Combined Text summary relationship field. I'm getting this error when trying to create the combined text summary field:

"That summary function cannot be applied to this field..."

The field I need to create a summary of is being pulled from yet another child table  (SEO Bucket Rate Card) (grandchild) related to the 1st child table (SEO Deliverables) of the parent table (SEO Deliverable Cycle)

Table Name / Relationship

`SEO Deliverable Cycles` = Parent

`SEO Deliverables` = Child

`SEO Bucket Rate Card` = Grandchild

I'm stumped - any way around this?

Matt Makris

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  • A Combined text summary will only summarize a text field type.

    If your field is numeric then you will need to make a formula field to convert it to text. Then summarize that text field. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      You can also use a formula query as it is indifferent to field type as compared to your more traditional summary fields. 

      Chayce Duncan
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        ...  but Formula Queries have more possibility of impacting performance.    :)

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)