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2 years ago

How to create a folder and subfolder using pipeline in SharePoint

I am trying to create a folder and subfolder in that folder in SharePoint. It does create a folder but not subfolder. How to specify the path for the subfolder correctly? I tried so many ways and none of them gave me needed result.

Olena Bilinska

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  • Hi Olena,

    I'm also facing the same issue now. If u find a solution for this, please let me know.


    Prakash M

    Prakash Murali
  • In our application we have Clients with multiple Contracts.

    We first create a folder for the Client name with Name = {{h.ClientName}}

    Then we create a folder for the Contract. We set Folder or Path = /{{h.clientname}

    and Name = {{h.ContractName}}

    You have to include the / to represent the root of the library you are creating the folders in.

    This results in a folder structure like: Library/ClientName/ContractName

    Eric Haseltine