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7 years ago

html to make my report live on a web page.

Am hoping to use html to make my report live on a web page. I current have the tables running fine. Just need the record to be available in the report. 

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    If you wish to use your reports in a public website, you will have to open your app to "Everyone on the internet"

    Then you can use an iframe in your website to embed the report.

    You will want to utilize a small url modifier to remove the QB branding.  So at the end of your url you will want to add "&ifv=20"

    You may also want to disable the ability to view/edit in the report.  And make suer there are no other hyperlinks within the report that are clickable.

    Matthew Neil - Product Specialist
  • Thanks Matthew,

    Can i have them be able to save the page? Now i have it working on the web but can not save. 
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    You will need to make sure they have proper access levels to save records.

    just a word of caution... please be careful with open to the internet.  You'd be surprised with the amount if security you lose when you allow open access.