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7 years ago

I would like to list the attachments in a single field, to be referenced using a relationship in another form?

I have attachments within Table A, called Publication Tracker, and I would like to quickly access these attachments via single field, both for a report and so I can ideally pull this info into another Table B, called Project Tracker. I have used the List formula field which would be perfect except it just lists the attachments from the selected fields as text, rather than links to the documents.

Is this possible to do, and how?

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  • You do not need to concatenate the actual file attachments, you need to concatenate a link to each file attachment.

    Here is the syntax to make a link to display a file attachment.  Get it working on the parent table and then use it in any List (...) formuals or lookups

    URLRoot() & "up/" & dbid() & "/a/r" & [Record ID#] & "/e30/v0"

    Replace the 30 with the fid of the field holding the file attachment and you are all set.  
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      Let's get just a smaller link working before you got crazy with 10 links.  This formula would be in the Parent record.

      You need to change the 99 in the example below to the respective field ID's where the file attachments are stored.  

      var text WordsONE = ToText([FFSP Top 5 Cover Sheet]);
      var text URLONE = URLRoot() & "up/" & dbid() & "/a/r" & [Publication Submission#] & "/e99/v0";

      var text LinkOne = "<a href=" & $URLONE & ">" & $WordsONE & "</a>";

      var text WordsTWO = ToText([Publication Submission: Fleet & Family Support]);
      var text URLTWO = URLRoot() & "up/" & dbid() & "/a/r" & [Publication Submission#] & "/e99/v0";

      var text LinkTWO = "<a href=" & $URLTWO & ">" & $WordsTWO & "</a>";

      List("<br>", $LinkONE, $LinkTWO)
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        From above,

        List("<br>", $LinkONE, $LinkTWO) 

        How do you have the list not show blanks?

        Thank you!

        Sheryl MacGibbon
  • Dear A Sullivan ,

    The formula "List" always turn back a string with the information in this fields , but if there is not data but a attached document, then the formula will turn you back the name of the attached documents ;


    Description: Concatenates (strings together) all arguments starting with the second argument, using the first argument as the delimiter between them. If one of the arguments is blank, it and the corresponding delimiter are omitted.

    Example: List("-", "a", "b", "d") returns "a-b-d"

    List(", ", "a", "b", "", "d") returns "a, b, d"

    List(", ", [Last Name], [First Name]) returns "Last Name, First Name" if both fields are not empty, returns "Last Name" if [First Name] is empty, and returns "First Name" if [Last Name] is empty.

    List("\n", "Name", "Address Line 1", "", List(", ", "City", "State"), "Zip") returns
    Address Line 1
    City, State

    But rather to create a new field with this attachments, you can create a relationship between  the two tables (

    Publication Tracker  < Project Tracker

    You make "look up" fields in the son Table "Project Tracker" ,and the information will be pulled down from the related record in the parent table "Publication Tracker" to the son "Project Tracker" table.

    Other option; 

    Did you try the report link field?. It lets you to show information from another table without have any relationship.

    I am using it in the forms to display information, in my case Project , because all the information related a project has a field "Project number" in all the tables, I can display in a single Form all the information related to the same project even when the tables are not connected.

    Here is a short explanation ,

    and here is a very illustrative video with some examples,

    I hope it helps.