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3 years ago

Idea needed to show Employee Hours and Total Cost in a report, without specific costs shown

I am trying to come up with a creative way to come up with the following:

I have a list of costs in a table. The costs are broken down and could be an employee charging 4 hours, could be a hotel receipt, maybe it is a forklift rental.

I want to show a report of these costs. However, when showing the employees, I want people to be able to see how many hours they billed, AND I want them to be able to see how much total labor costs there are, but I don't want it to be visible how much cost goes with each specific employee (essentially, I'm hiding employees rates).

All I can think of is using a formula text field to show either hours or cost and then ALSO having a formula query go find the total labor cost and have that as yet another field. But then the report isn't that nice because the total under that formula field will not be correct.

Any creative ideas?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Good morning, 

    I would recommend using a Summary Report. If you care about Percentage of total cost in each category, then you can calculate it using Summary Formulas. You can include the total number of hours, and as long as you don't group by an employee, then none of the values will correlate to a single employee's rate.

    Good Luck!


    John Crosland