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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

In Custom Notifications -- How to hide the [old.value] changed to [value] phrase if that value field did not change

I have a custom notification with about 10 fields on it.  I have a list at the bottom of the fields [old.value] changed to [value] for each of the 10 fields.  The notification kicks out whenever any of the 10 fields change, but I'd like to hide my [old.value] to [value] text at the bottom if the related [value] did not actually change. 

So if only 5 of the 10 fields changed, then I'd like to hide the 5 that did not change. 

Is this possible in a custom notification?  If yes, how? 

Example:  If for instance, the address below did not change, how do I hide that line of text from the custom notification? 
Additional Detail <br>
Address: [old.Address] changed to [Address]<br>
Group: [old.Group] changed to [Group]<br>
Region: [old.Region] changed to [Region]<br>

Thank you,

Tamara Billings
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