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3 years ago

Increase font size in Graphic Chart Reports?

Hi hi,

I'm wondering if there's any way to increase the font size in graph chart reports (pie chart, bar chart, etc)?  The native/default font is far too small; and while I have XL Docs (and they're great), creating custom one-off excel exports for every pie chart we need feels really excessive when all I'm after is a larger font.

(and note - yes I can just "zoom in" and "screen capture" the bigger sizes, but that's not always workable, and the ratio of font size to chart size is still unreasonable)

Any tips or tricks would be tremendously appreciated!

Thank you!

Jennifer Juhasz

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  • maybe soon?

    New chart styles

    Over the next few weeks, a toggle will be added to all chart reports, allowing users to choose between the legacy and new style. Since modernizing charts on new dashboards, we have focused on bringing these improvements to full-page charts accessed via the Reports and Charts panel.

    Updated charts use more screen space, so you can view and understand your data more easily and focus on details. After you enable the new style, you can hover over a chart segment and see details about the underlying data.

    The new search bar and dynamic filters on new charts save you time and help bring focus on the right piece of information in a chart.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)