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3 years ago

Is there a better way to do this?

I often need to send notifications, but want to include higher level employees on the notification. For example perhaps the AR Manager, or CFO, etc.

Instead of simply adding their email to the notification, or creating a user field in each report and selecting their name, I do the following (which works, but am wondering if anyone has come up with a better solution, or if I am missing something obvious).

1. I have a table called 'Global App Data'
2. I have different records, the first one for example is 'Global Users'.
3. I have user fields, CFO, AR Manager, Maintenance Manager, etc and select names in record 1.
4. On any table with a notification needed, I make a formula numeric field with the formula 1. Then create a relationship to that formula field, and simply lookup the names I need.
5. In the future, if we hire a new Maintenance Manager, I can switch the user in the global table, and it changes all my notifications.

Is this the best way? Or is there an obvious native function, or something different I am missing?

Mike Tamoush

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  • That sounds like a good approach, and I have done the same to meet similar requirements. An alternative might be to use application variables, but by holding the information in a table it's both easier to check current values and change them.

    Jeremy Anson