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10 months ago

Issues With New Forms

Hello Everyone,

I have come across an issue with the new form which I am not sure how to solve. We currently have a relationship set up between 2 tables which allows for a user to select the county they live in by inputting the zip code and state, which then shows a drop-down of the counties they could live in. This works correctly on the old forms as looks like this:

The field settings are setup as such:

I am now transitioning over to the new form and it will not allow me to do the same thing it shows on the form:

Even when i do as it tells me to and change the zip code it will not allow for the drop down.

I cannot figure out what to do, please help.

Benjamin Brooks

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    Did you ever get this to work for you?

    I am having the same issue.

  • Is your ZIP code treated as "Conditional values"?
    Is your Country set as Reference or Reference proxy field?
    Check if all
    fields required to make it work are available in the form.

    Adam Krzyzanek