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3 years ago

Locking a Dropdown field based on a selection in another field.

On my Ticket table, once a Team Member has been assigned, the Status field changes to "Assigned" should not be allowed to go back to "Pending". How do I make it so users cannot change the Status back to "Pending" while still allowing the status to progress through its other stages beyond "Assigned"?

Chris Swirtz

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  • On way is to make the Status field Required on the form.  Then have a form rule that says

    The Assigned Team member is not blank and the status is Pending


    Change the Status field to blank.

    That way the user will be forced to chose a valid non blank status.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • Hi Chris,

    You could also create a custom data rule that doesn't allow a record to be saved if there is both a Team Member assigned in the team Member field and the Status is "Pending", then you could even have a message pop up if someone tries to direct them that they cannot put a task back to Pending.

    Evan Martinez
  • Not sure if this is helpful but we control all of our status fields with automation triggers. So in your case creating a record triggers Status "pending" selecting a user as Team Member changes status to Status to Assigned and set Check Box Assigned? to True. So the next trigger would include a condition that looks at the Assigned? check box and only moves forward if it is true. Basically, you make status dependent on other factors. The danger with this is you REALLY need to know all the possible scenarios AND make good notes as to what happens when and why so that if your process changes in the future you can update according unlike me who was having users complain "it's broken" because they found a way to skip steps in the automation. Also automations are being phased out (I think, has this changed?) so doing this in pipelines may be better.

    Ryan Haberman