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3 years ago

Looking for Pipeline Suggestion

I am working on a pipeline that will update a set of records when a separate record is updated.  Use case, The user needs to create several records to perform the same task at multiple locations.  A separate pipeline is created to create one master record for all of the child records.  I need to update each of the child records when the master record is updated.  This is where the complication comes into play.  The update may involve 1 to 24 different categories, each with their own set of data to update.  Should I use 1 step to update all 24 categories regardless of a change or add conditions for each category to only update if there is a change.  This would result in 24 steps in each iteration of the Do loop.  I am concerned about performance issues for a large update.  If the master record has 500 effected records, the Do loop would effectively run 12000 steps.

I welcome your suggestions.

Paul Peterson

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  • Good morning,
    If you're trying to move data between records that have an established Table-to-Table Relationship, then you generally will use Lookup Fields to move data from the Parent/Master Record to the Children. As long as the tables are in the same app, then you can also use Summary fields to move data from Children to the Parent, or now you can use Formula Queries (without a direct relationship). QuickBase hasn't documented the Formula Queries limitations that I know of, but I have definitely run into them. If you want the values to remain static after the Children records are created, then you can use a Snapshot Field.

    With Pipelines, you are limited to 26 Steps (A - Z). So, it would take all of those steps if you only change a single field per step, and it will be a lot of nested IF statements, that I am not sure if there is a limitation on this inside of Pipelines. Another option, you could build 24 separate Pipelines.

    If you choose to do this via a Pipeline, then I would recommend updating it inside of a single step. 500 records is enough that I would consider using a Bulk Record Upsert setup instead of just updating the records directly. This will help prevent throttling of your Pipeline.

    Good Luck,

    John Crosland