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3 years ago

Maintaining the value of a field on one table based on a comparison on another table in Pipelines

Hello everyone.  I have a project management app that contains billing and CRM functionality.  I have two tables, Opportunities < Orders.  On the opportunities table there is a field for Value which is the dollar amount of expected revenue of the opportunity.  On the orders table I have a field for the contract value and it sums up to the parent opportunities table as a total.

Here is the logic I have thus far on the pipeline:

  • On New Event checks if the orders table is added or updated.  It grabs the field related opportunity to get the record ID of the linked opportunity
  • Lookup record to grab the Opportunity table record based on the record ID taken from the first step
  • If Statement Logic
    • In the if statement I have the condition "Total Orders Value" > {{b.value}}. I put this in based on the b record which is the opportunities table.  The problem with this is I am not sure if it will work.  When I click on the field after the is greater than I expected a pop up to let me grab the field and drag it into the box.  Since it didnt appear I manually typed {{b.value}} assuming I could use it.  But I am not sure if it will work.
      • If the condition is true I update the opportunity value to the Total Orders Value
      • Otherwise end the pipeline

So I think I have all of the logic right, I am just puzzled that the "b" record does not show up in the field selector popup.  I dont know if that is a pipeline error/bug or I am using it incorrectly.


Ivan Weiss
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