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3 years ago

Make entire form not editable based on dynamic rule

Is it possible to lock a form from being edited, based on a dynamic rule? Or do I have to individually select every field to be read only?

Michael Tamoush

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  • You can use roll permissions to lock a record for editing. Make a formula field that determines whether or not the record should be locked for editing and use that as a custom permission rule.

    but other than that if you want to prevent all the fields on a form from being edited then he would need to lock them one by one in a giant form rule.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Hi, Mark

      I've seen many solutions from you and I was wondering if you could give me some guidance. I am wanting to prevent editing of a record on a particular form if a) the user is the record owner and b) if a particular field has a particular value (e.g., relation to head of household = "self"). I can do this field by field using a dynamic form rule, but there must be a more elegant solution.

      I'd appreciate your thoughts.

      Thank you in advance
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        Your instincts were correct. Yes there is a better way. You're not really trying to prevent editing of certain fields on the form you're really trying to prevent the editing of a record.

        So that would go back to the role permissions for the role that the user is in. You can set up a custom permission rule for modify. If the native drop downs for how you can configure the custom rule aren't flexible enough for you then you can always make a formula field called  [Allowed to edit?]  .... and then you can get crazy complicated with your formula. Then base the Role Custom Permission rule based on that one checkbox field.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)