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3 months ago

Many to Many too Many...

I've searched through the QB discussions and couldn't find a good example of creating a many to many relationship where I can select records from the same table. I have the relationship working from ...
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    3 months ago

    So I think what you'll need is (what I learned to call it) a "Join" table. In order to create a many-to-many, you are not having it go from one to the other and vice versa. 
    You have a table in between that one goes into and then the other goes into, so the "Join" table is the "child" of Table A (Parent Table), and a "child" of Table B (Parent Table).
    Then you'll have the related field from parent table A, and the Related field from Parent table B on your form, or reports, and you can select data from each and have it "joined" together in one table.

    Hope that helps!