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3 years ago

Monthly Reports to non-users

I need to email monthly consignment inventory reconciliation reports to 139 non-users and have them respond to the specific email address of the inventory manager.

My report for monthly product activity is grouped by consignment location and contains the email address and primary contact name.

Each inventory site should receive an email on the 25th day of the month with only the inventory activity information for that site.

How would I do this?

Elana Bailey

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  • Yes there's a way to do this. As you know you cannot send a subscription report to non-users. But email notifications which are set to type "Open" when you first create them can go to any email address. 

    I presume that there is an email address associated with every site.  If you set up a Pipeline to run on the 25th of the month it can search all the sites and then to a FOR EACH loop to update a date/time trigger field to  the current date/time.  That in turn can trigger an Open Email Notification.

    OK, so now you have the ability to email these 139 sites an email notification so the question is what do we want to send.   

    Two choices. You can put an embedded report on the email notification and then they would see that when they open the email notification. But if the report is long or wide it's not the best user experience because they will not be able to navigate the report.

    So you can either open your app up to allow everyone on the Internet to view those forecast records but I do not recommend that.  Instead what I would recommend is to make a brand new app where you have a connected Sync table which brings in the 139 sites into one table and brings in the inventory reconciliation report into another table.  Then I would build the pipeline to operate on this standalone app which is open to everyone on the Internet.  You can have a little bit of security by obscurity for that app by hiding all the tables so that it's less easy for users to wander into inventory reconciliation for other sites or for the great unwashed of everybody else on the Internet somehow stumbling into that app if they somehow got hold of a URL.

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