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3 years ago

"My Apps" malfunction? Some users shown different apps every day!

Reaching out to the community to see if this is just me or if others have this issue as well!

We opened a support ticket because we added two new users via groups (added them to user groups that have access to about 45 apps vs manually adding them to each of the 45 apps).  Since doing this, every day they log in their "my apps" page displays a different number of apps.  At times they are only shown 50% of what they really have access/are added to - and they've not made any of these hidden.  I show them as having access on my end and I end up needing to stop what I'm doing to send them a manual invite to the app so they can access it.

Support says this is expected behavior - do you all face the same issues!?

Marissa Zepeda

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  • Users can use the advanced search button near that filter box to search for any apps that do not appear on there my apps page. I believe that if an app has not been access for a while perhaps the limit is 30 days but I'm not sure, then the apps drop off the my apps page.

    Just a thought is that you can now create a connected sync table to list all of your applications and you could therefore have an application which has a list of all your applications along with a hyperlink to get to that application.

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