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  • Yep. Same here. I can only submit so many user voices and scream so much. Disappointed in QB.

    Michael Tamoush
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      I have observed that the load times can be device dependent.  I have a report which is taking 15 seconds on one device, 11 seconds on another and 5 seconds on another.  The actual processing time is a bit under 2 seconds when I use the Performance Analyzer, so that is independent of device.

      I use an older Macbook Pro.  I was in an Apple Store looking at new iPads and the new ones with the M1 chip rendered the report in 5 seconds as did the new Macbook pro's with the M1 chip.  I have reported this to the Care Team to pass on to the developers as they work on speed improvements..

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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        I have an experiment to review all fields and make them NOT "searchable" if the field is not required, and then look at report load times again. I will post the results if I notice an improvement. Below is my device stats:

        Jim Harrison
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