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6 years ago

Newbie - Parent to Child relationship formula issues

Sorry for the ignorance, I am new to quickbase. I have read thru so many other posts trying to decipher how to make my quickbase perform how I need it to and haven't found the answer (or am unable to fully understand what it is I am reading. So sorry in advance!)

We host weekly events. During the event we have 3 waves of people come in. We track scheduling leading up to the event. I have my Parent table set up as the Presentation itself. The related Child table is Tours - where I am adding the contact information and schedule time for the people who are to attend.

I need to make the Parent Table, Presentation, keep a running total for me of how many tours are booked for each wave, and how many total for all 3 waves.

So.. formula wise.. Total # of Tours on the Parent table needs to pull how many Tours for that specific presentation for all times listed there are.... and also need to be able to have it break down further. Parent table needs to pull how many Tours for that specific presentation for specific waves there are. I have the fields built out on the tables... but can't get the formula to pull from the Child table to display on the Parent table. What am I doing wrong? In layman's terms please!

Also... is there a way to import the Tours weekly from an excel spreadsheet directly into the Tours table and automatically link it to the Presentation Parent table?

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  • Hi Megan. I would use 3 Tables for this application. Put Presentations at the top, Waves a child of Presentations and Attendants a child of waves. This way you can Total Attendants to Waves and again total Waves to Presentations.

    You can absolutely import your attendants, but create the Presenation and Waves first to user their record IDs in the related columns.
  • How are you assigning the waves? Is there a dropdown on the Tours table like wave 1,2,3 and when you make a tour? If so then you could just go to the table-to-table relationship and create a summary field on the Parent side. Think default option is a Total of related records, then just make 3 more summary fields that do the same thing but add a filter that says if Tour - Wave = 1, then repeat for each wave. 

    For importing you could import no problem. you just need to make sure you have a column called Related Presentation or whatever the field thats in the tours table that was created from the relationship. Then just put the ID of the presentation in that field for the various tours you have.

    Hope that helps.