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2 months ago

Option to select one more files to download

Searching for a way to allow a user to select multiple files for downloading. Currently I have a parent-child table relationship where the file attachments are stored/managed in the child table.  Each parent could have multiple child records. Seeking way to allow user to select one or more of the related files and download in a single action.

Was thinking I could possibly build a pipeline that when ran would look for any child records whose checkbox (or some other identified field) was checked and then create a single download action to export the identified items to the users local system. The pipeline would then "reset" the field to uncheck or remove the value that was used to start the pipeline.

Is something like this possible?


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  • OK, sorry, my mistake of mis-interpreting your question. Mea Cupla.

    The only tool I know of is a plug-in for the browser called Down Them All  .

    The advantages of this tool is that it is unbelievably fast to download all the files that are visible on a screen. It does have to see the file attachments on the webpage you were on so if there is a page 2 of children it's not going to find them.  I seem to recall the default is to download all the file attachments on that whole webpage but I think you can Deselect some of them.  The "Browser Extension" is free,  so the cost is OK.  

    The disadvantage of this tool is that the user interface is pretty horrible and confusing.  The other problem is that you need to install this browser extension on any browser that any of your users might be using so that can be a show stopper if you have lots of users as supposed to just one or two that have the special need.  

    I don't think that a Pipeline is going have the ability to crawl into your local network.


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    Actually, don't think this plug-in will do what I need. In the help instructions it specifically states that files can only be downloaded one at a time. I don't need help uploading files, just the ability to select 1 or more files to download.

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      I'm not sure where you're reading that but the multi file upload absolutely let you select multiple files all at once. That's the whole point of a multi file upload. So I suggest you re-read the instructions or post where it says that because that's not true.  

      Having said that the other thing I meant to say is that Juiced Technologies also has a file manager multi file upload

      and they've had that for like 20 years or a long time at least.  Yes there is a cost to it but it does have some advantages over the native Quickbase plug-in in that you can tag pictures as they're uploaded. A typical use case would be in a real estate environment for a realtor or a home inspection and you want a convenient drop down liost of room types like "Basement" or a "Primary Bedroom" etc and as the files are uploaded they would be tagged in a multiple choice field.  So the idea would be to grab all the pictures of the primary bedroom off your camera roll on your phone and tag them primary bedroom and upload those and then move onto a batch of pictures for the basement.    Obviously these tools were written by a different developers so the actual user interface will be different. There is a free 30 day trial with Juiced you so if you want you can try them both and decide which one is better for your needs and your budget.

      I know with the Juiced tool once the multi file upload is complete and you close the box it automatically refreshes as the parent records so the user sees the files uploaded. I forget if the native plug-in has that convenient behavior.   I seem to recall doing an application that was going be used by very in-frequent EOTI users and we switched over to the Juiced add on because it was not obvious to the users using the native QuickBase plug-in method that the files actually were uploaded.     



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        I don't need to upload multiple files...I need to download multiple files that are in my QB application.

  • No problem. You install something called the file manager plug-in. It's a bit unusual for a Quickbase but it's like an add-on that is actually from Quickbase as opposed to third-party so it's free.  

    If you are the main admin  for the realm, you probably have permission,  so just go to the settings for the application and you should see an option for Plug ins and follow that the installation steps. Feel free to post back if you get stuck.

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      Will this allow other users to download multiple items or just myself as the admin?