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3 years ago

Parent to Child Relationships

I am confused about parent to child relationships within a singular table. In my app "Competencies" I have a table for each type of staff. In my table for nurses, I track all competencies for nurses, however, I want to make it that each nurse competency type has many of the same types. Would I be able to make a parent to child relationship for the fields within this one table. If so how would I be able to do this ?


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  • This sounds like a classic Many to many Relationship.  
    One Nurse has many Nurse Competencies.
    One Competency has Many Nurse Comptneacies.

    So you need to create a new Table called Nurse Competencies.  It will initially have no fields.  Make your two relationships and then on the Nurses table you will be able to put the report link fields for that Nurses Nurse competencies (so a list of their competencies, and conversely, on the Competency table of the unique  Skills you can have a report link embedded report of all the Nurse competencies for that skill, so a list of Nurse names. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)