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3 years ago

Parent/Child Tables and Unique Fields

Hello!  I have a parent table "Customers" and I have a child table "Quotes".  Within the "Customer" table, I have phone and email as unique and required fields.  What I need to do now, is create a grandparent table "Groups" in which multiple customers can be in one group.  BTW...we are a travel company!  When I have a Group, it would mean that multiple customers are going on the same trip but perhaps are not the same family, (i.e. senior trip, church group) .  Now, I have 2 questions:  1) I need to be able to have the option of having the phone and/or email be the same for Customers within a Group if there is a central contact or responsible party. 2) I need to be able to duplicate a quote from one customer to another within that group if possible.  I am sure I have left out some important info and I apologize up front, but I would really appreciate any and all assistance. 

Kim Cameron

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    Just a quick thought, you could have a contact table and just create a relationship to the customer/group and pull the contact info that way?

    Ursula Llaveria