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12 months ago

Partial Screen on iOS? Weird GUI behavior? Probable Solve

We just had an incident and found the solution, and thought others may benefit.

A user suddenly was having issues on the mobile interface. He would be editing a record and it would suddenly change the GUI, the screen would go white. Sometimes you could see a partial screen, other times it was completely blank. We realized it would happen as soon as the user clicked into a text field.

The issue was, the user had set (unintentionally) his iPAD to use a floating keyboard. This can be done in settings or by pinching and squeezing the full keyboard. This floating keyboard completely wrecks the QB interface. As soon as we switched it back, everything was fine.

Not a big deal, no one general uses the floating keyboard. Though it took quite a bit of troubleshooting to determine the cause. Hoping to save someone time in the future!

Mike Tamoush
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