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19 days ago

Passing fields from Child to Parent


I have two related tables: Request Table and a Requisition Table. The workflow is to enter the Request information first. Then from the Request table, click on the Add Requisition button to add the Requisition information.

This is working as expected. When a Requisition is added from the Request form, the # of Requisition records summary field is updated correctly.

What I am needing help with is passing the associated Requisition number into a field in the Requests report. Currently the # of Requisition records summary field shows on the Request report. But the Related Requisition Number or Related Requisition does not show in the report. I have to go to the Requisition Table itself, and then manually link the related Request to the Requisition.

I hope this all makes sense. It is difficult to explain. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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