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3 months ago

Passing Record Info to Code Pages

I have a couple of use cases where I want to start experimenting with Code Pages. We think they will be a great option for us to create an elegant interface for external participants like clients and vendors. 

I am having no issues creating pages and buttons to launch those pages. The front end development side of it makes sense to me. The part I am struggling with is I am not sure the best practice for passing record information to the code page to display on there. For example, we have records for jobs for our vendors. I would love to have a job summary page that displays the date, time and address info from that job record. 

Thanks in advance!

Nick Sheetz

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  • Your two primary options will be the currently logged in user or URL parameters. 

    So in your example - if you're querying data and it's specific to that user, you can amend your query to include something like: {'4'.TV.'_curuser_'} as an example of grabbing records where the record owner is the currently logged in user. 

    Alternatively and more specific to your description - lets say you're launching a job summary page for a specific job - you can have a button where you include URL parameters in the URL string to launch the interface through a button with the data you need like: ID&jobRid=[Record ID#]

    You can include as many params as you need and then just code in the handler for each param to assign as a variable for the other bits in your code.

    Chayce Duncan