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3 years ago

PIPELINE CAUTION! Renaming fields will break your pipeline!

Well, I discovered which I believe to be a terrible flaw with Pipelines, though maybe someone here will tell me it is as expected everyone knows this and I am just late to the party.

If you use a field in a Pipeline, and that field is used in a condition, or is used to set another field (ie if you drag and drop that field to set another field equal to in during an update phase), and you change the name of the field, the Pipeline will cease working.

Now, it will not immediately cease working. It will continue to work UNTIL you go into the pipeline and refresh schemas or refresh page. At that point, it will recognize that the field name has changed in the 'fields to use' box, but will not recognize the name change in any of your conditions. Hence, all conditions and uses of that field in the pipeline will no longer work.

I think is is devastating, because I have no idea if I have changed the name of a field and if I ever open that Pipeline again it will break.

I tested in numerous ways to be sure I wasn't mistaken. Just a word of caution to everyone.

Do others think this is of course expected? Or also see this is a huge oversight?

Mike Tamoush

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    There are a lot of really weird bugs with Pipelines that they need to fix.

    I have had them give an error one day but then appear to recover and keep working. Only to find out a few weeks later that that error was the death knell of that pipeline and it actually quit working on that day but without any subsequent errors. They are just a nightmare to fix once something goes wrong. Usually what seems to cause issues is either refreshing the schema or NOT refreshing the schema at the right times.

    At one point we had many processes in there but have moved the most critical ones to Workato or similar services as those have worked significantly better for us. I feel like we can trust that they will fire and work when they are set to but I do not have the same faith in Pipelines.
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      I agree with you on all accounts, which is why I am SHOCKED they are phasing out automations. With the difficulties and bugs in Pipelines, this just seems like they are completely jumping the gun. It will take longer than 18 months for them to sort out the myriad of issues in Pipelines and have it be usable.

      I said it in some of my other posts, it feels like QB got new management 12 months ago and decided, let's stop listening to the users and do what we want. I want to keep giving them due credit, because I can see their vision and direction and I am on board - but they keep forcing everyone into their vision before it is ready and tested. The new reports are also riddled with bugs, and they've forced that on everyone as well.

      I've only been using QB for about 1.5 years, and the first 12 months I was their biggest fan. The last 6 months, I'm the exact opposite, dreading that I got into a platform that I shouldn't have.

      Mike Tamoush
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        I plan to  not really think about converting my clients until say after the September release when the conversion tool "matures" to cover more use cases and when I would hope that field name problem will be fixed.

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