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3 years ago

Pipeline Problems

Is anyone else having issues editing pipelines today?  I keep getting server errors and oops something went wrong when trying to update and view pipelines.  I have mentioned before that I am concerned that pipelines are being forced on us while the automations that have been more stable in my experience are being pushed out.

Paul Peterson

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    I have a client who is having lots of issues.

    Don Larson
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      I am having lots of issues with automations yesterday and today (existing automations already well established) not running.

      Chris Newsome
  • Hi Paul,

    Yesterday we had a platform wide issue with Automations and Pipelines. While the main source was resolved today we are still having some users experiencing some issues from the outage. I would recommend putting in a case with our Care team to connect the fact that you are still having issues with editing your Pipelines so they can take a closer look at the issue you are running into specifically. 

    If you want to stay up to date on our status updates you can subscribe on our status page to be notified of future issues, releases, and scheduled maintenance. Our team is also working up a root cause explanation right now to go into deeper detail on the issue we saw yesterday.

    Evan Martinez
  • I've always had issues with Pipelines. More so lately and yeah automation issues too. How they can push pipelines on us when none of their systems are currently stable is beyond me.

    Michael Tamoush
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      I sent this:

      Hi Quickbase Support,

      I'm wondering why I never received an email from the Status page?

      I had all the check boxes checked and Quickbase Service selected in the drop down list. How do I ensure I receive all status updates moving forward?

      Please advise,
      Jim Harrison
      Portland, OR

      And here is the answer:
      The platform team did not send a notification regarding this as it was not a full platform outage, they only send the alert when it is a platform wide issue.

      Jim Harrison
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