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3 years ago

Pipeline progress

Is there a way on a pipeline to send a FINISHED status to a form? so you can visually see that its done? I have some pipelines that are handling 1000 to 10000 records and it would be very convenient to know WHEN its complete instead of constantly checking back.

Amanda Bloomrose

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  • Well the last Pipeline step can write the current time to the form, but it's not like the form would "beep" on the screen to you.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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    I do what Mark suggests, have the Pipeline fill in a checkbox or a date-time field but it still requires you to check back. Another option may be to have your Pipeline shoot out an email when they are completed. This would work great if the goal is to know when they are completed each day so you can check back then. It would not work so great if you have these running multiple times a day or on triggers that may send a ton of emails.
  • Our organization uses Microsoft Teams, and we created a special channel in Teams for "Logging" or message output.  When finished, some of my Pipelines post a message to Teams using the HTTP endpoint.  Very easy to setup, and you can even post a message to Teams detailing errors or other info.

    Joel Hickok