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Qrew Cadet
2 years ago

Pipelines - Addressing a Multi-Select option containing commas


I have an application with two tables (really more than two but the issue is surrounding two specific tables), and each of those tables contains a multi-select field with the same options.  I designed a pipeline that would create a record in table b and copy the multi-select field selections from table a.  The issue is that one of the options in the multi-select field is "Offers, Products, and Catalog".  As you may be aware, when passing options from a multi-select field through automation it comma delimits the selections.  So, in this case the automation is treating it like 3 separate options versus a singular option, thereby stopping/failing the automation.  Should I simply put quotes around the choice so it treats it like a string value, put dashes between the options, bracket the option, etc.?  What's the proper handling of a situation like that?


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  • HI Michael,

    You can try the following formula , assuming your field name is Comment

    Create a Multi Select Formula 

    var text a=Part(var text b=Part(var text c=Part(

    Split(List(" ; ",$a,$b,$c))

    Don't worry about a messy formula , multi select can display upto 20 options max , so fire away as many parts you need

    Prashant Maheshwari