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3 years ago

Pipelines - refresh schemas

I am getting an error message when I attempt to "Refresh schemas" - "Error refreshing schema.  Something went wrong...".  Yet, it doesn't point me to wear the problem is.  Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Scott Simcox

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    Look through your steps and check for missing required values or syntax errors.  The Error handling on pipelines is terrible and there is another thread discussing the issue, but no real resolution has been offered by Quickbase.  They hinted at improved error handling in Empower, but no real timeline has been released.  If your account has the Performance Optimizer, you can try running that to see if there are any issues in your app that are impacting the pipeline.  

    If that doesn't help, open a support case.  I hope they resolve yours more quickly than they have mine.  I opened a support ticket for pipeline issues in late March that they still have not resolved.

    Paul Peterson