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21 days ago

Pipelines and Filters


I'm attempting to setup a Pipeline which checks to see if a record has two Numeric Summary Fields which equal each other, and if they do, it updates a multi-text status field from "Assigned" to "Delivered."

When attempting to create the Pipeline, I've been struggling to get it to run. When attempting to set the filter so that it checks if Field A equals Field B, it seems like I can't check Field A against another field specifically, only enter a value of my own. I thought about getting around this by using a checkbox formula on the record which says if Field A = Field B, true and then having the Pipeline filter be setup such that it runs when the Checkbox field is true. However, the Pipeline never seemed to trigger off that Checkbox, even when it was changed from unchecked to checked.

Is the issue that I'm not actually updating the record, but instead Summary fields which are being updated? If so, is there any way around that? Thank you in advance.

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    Try an Advanced Query

    Assuming Field A has  field Id 10  and Field B is field Id 20


    This tells it to compare the two for an exact match


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      I appreciate learning more about Advanced Queries, but I'm sorry to say that this didn't seem to work. Thank you!

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        HI , 
        What Don provided is correct, he included syntax to make it easy to read, but you need to remove fid from it 


  • Can you describe a little more about your pipeline? Is it starting with a search or a trigger?

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      It's starting with a Trigger. Currently it's setup such that it triggers off of the checkbox formula for Field A = Field B.

  • A pipeline as well as email notifications will only fire when a record is edited. They will not fire as a result of a lookup or summary field changing.

    I suggest you trigger off the source child tables involved in the summary fields. You can lookup that calculated formula field down to the children to use as a pipeline filter.