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2 years ago

Pipelines Certification - Are new features reflected in the certification test?

I'm going through the Pipelines Certification track in University. I noticed that "Managing Pipelines in the My pipelines Page" hasn't been updated to reflect the new experience. For certification, I want to make sure if questions are based on this old experience that is outlined in university?

When I roll out something new, I make sure to update process documents and training before going live. I would hope this would be the same with Quickbase, but it doesn't seem to be. ​

Dwight Munson

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  • Hi Dwight! Thanks for reaching out to us about the Pipelines-related courses and the Pipelines Builder exam. We have many new changes coming out in the next few months around pipelines and will be updating both the courses and the exam to reflect those changes. The good news is that the exam focuses on the concepts rather than the user interface. Although the My Pipelines page looks a little different, the underlying functionality is still the same. For example, what you can search for and filter when locating a pipeline on the page has remained the same. Thanks!

    Karin Layher