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3 years ago

Pipelines check if today is 30 days before a date in field

I want to run a search (pipeline) each day, to check if today is 30 days before [Expiration Date].

My options in pipeline are between, after, before, etc...

What is a clean/efficient way to do this? I thought about using 'between'  and tried this jinja code but dont know if it is correct.

{{ +}}
{{ +}}

Update: Now I am thinking I should just make a formula checkbox that tests for this, and use that checkbox in the pipeline...
Michael Tamoush

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    I have found things like this to be much easier with automations or checkboxes like you said. Pipelines date/time is screwy as heck and not something I have had great luck with. It isn't 1:1 with how automations worked with date/time in my experience.

    I had one automation that got converted over to a Pipeline that was so simple. All it did was look to see if a date was on or before 5 days in the past. The conversion tool screwed everything up and I had to manually fix it. Which ended up causing like ~50 records the automation had missed over the last few years to suddenly spring into action and do things lol. After that, it worked as expected.

    I think your code may work just fine if you do - instead of +. Give it a try and let us know.