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5 months ago

Pipelines filtering with a boolean/checkbox?

I'm creating a record (B) when another record (A) is updated.

But not every time (A) is updated, just when field Transform (a checkbox) changes from unchecked to checked.

I need a filter for this.

How can I express "checked" ?  Should the pipeline say

Transform is True, Yes, or 1?    (there's no drop down for "checked")

And do I also need to add to the filter that Transform is Set?

I don't want the pipeline to run every time it sees the Transform checkbox is checked after the record is updated in any way, but rather to run only when the current modification includes the Transform checkbox changing from unchecked to checked.

Charlotte Morin

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  • Based on your commentary I imagine you're using the new Pipeline builder in which case set the value to "Yes". 

    As to the second question - when your pipeline executes you will want to include/set some other field that shows that you've already processed it. That might look like adding another checkbox in record (A) that is something like "Transformed". After you create the record in B - you would then update (A) and check that box off. That field should then also be used as a filter when your pipeline is triggered so essentially the filter is where Transform = Yes and Transformed = No

    Chayce Duncan
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      FYI I was also confused what to put in for a Boolean checkbox field test in new designer pipelines as unlike Legacy it is not a mutiliple choice field selection.   I put in yes (lower case) and then flipped over to Legacy (to make sure it "took" OK and Legacy converted it to Yes.  I went back to new designer pipelines and it showed as true.  So my conclusion is that designer pipelines is treating Yes and yes and true as the same thing and renerding it as true.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    You can use $prev to reference a changed value in a QB Record Updated step (a.$prev.transform).   Add Transform as a trigger field, then use the filter like this to only trigger when Transform is currently checked and it was previously unchecked:

    Doug Henning