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3 years ago

(Pipelines) Validation error: Remote API returned authentication error


I've built a pipeline with a handful of steps that appear to all be executing correctly, but when it gets to the last step, which is an API call, I'm getting the error: "Validation error: Remote API returned authentication error". When I go to the activity log for the pipeline, I see "disable_ssl_verification: false", which doesn't make any sense to me. The URL I'm using for my API call is following the format:
The method I'm currently using is "Get", but I've also tried with "Post", seeing as this call is to update information, not just retrieve it. I actually think Post is more correct, but I'm getting the same error regardless. The goal of this pipeline is to disable users under certain conditions by setting their role to be "none" (role ID 9). I'm also going to have another pipeline that enables users under opposite conditions, also using the ChangeUserRole call to update from 9 (none) to the correct role. Any ideas on what's causing this?

Harrison Smith
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