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Qrew Captain
4 years ago

Pipelines VS Zapier and other services

Can anyone give any reasons why Pipelines is better/different than Zapier or other similar IFTTT services?     I had set up a bunch of automations in pipelines but found the number of steps provide...
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    4 years ago
    Depending on what external systems you're connecting to, Pipelines is not a service I'm comfortable recommending to my clients - yet. For internal automation, sure, but unless it's super simple, my feeling on external is that Pipelines is just too new/limited at the moment. Also, with how limited the system is with regards to estimating cost/steps, identifying usage per pipeline/step, etc., I'm not comfortable pushing a client to use a paid service when all we have access to is a Total Cost, rather than an itemized bill.

    I'm hopeful that their pricing model and billing is made a little clearer in 2021, but we shall see.

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