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Qrew Captain
3 years ago

Possible for Pipelines to trigger a sync data?

I have a table that is synced and refreshes data every hour. I would love for it to refresh any time the original table has a record added. Or even modified. Perhaps this isnt possible because it would be too many refreshes?

Is there any way to use pipelines to trigger an auto refresh data of a synced table?

Michael Tamoush

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  • Sync tables are refreshed in 1 of 2 ways.

    1. On the pre-selected schedule OR
    2. Manually
    I'm pretty sure I remember someone talking about submitting a UserVoice request so that the manual Sync refresh can be initiated via the API, but I'm not 100% on that. 

    The other option - if you need the table refreshed real-time - would be to disconnect the Sync and have it updated using Webhooks/Automations/Pipelines. This can be a pain to setup if you have a lot of fields, but I've implemented that in several situations and it works very well. Just remember to either lock down the fake-Sync table OR setup a 2nd set of updates that go the other way.

    Blake Harrison