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24 days ago

Possible to duplicat a near-identical pipeline

I have a number of pipelines I use to sync two quickbase tables.  Basically, quickbase sync but it runs in real time as opposed to hourly among other benefits.    

No issues building the pipeline, but curious if I can save myself some time.  I have multiple copies of the same table in multiple apps.  They all have a single source table in a single app that acts as the source.  These pipelines sync the records from the source table to a number of different tables in different apps with the only difference being the filters that determine which records are synced to which apps.  (umbrella company has a number of independent business units that operate differently / separately sharing a single shared financial / accounting system)  Each of these synced tables has additional fields that are unique to those tables, but those fields aren't part of the sync process (most are formula or relationship fields)

The field NAMES are always the same in the source table and the synced tables, but the FIDs are not.  Is there any way with some of the new tools they've created that I can more simply duplicate these pipelines given my setup?  Frustrating to build essentially the same pipeline numerous times with only one filter difference, especially if i'm syncing 30-40 fields on each one.    

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