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2 months ago

Progressing a "Restricted" Status Field


We track a number of different status options in QuickBase. Some users have permission to change these statuses while others are restricted.

In one place, we ask the PM to complete some tasks, check a box indicating they've done the work, and touch Save. When they do this, we want the status to automatically change from Awaiting Action to Submitted / Not Yet Reviewed.

I know I've been able to make this work in the past. But now, I'm finding that because the user doesn't have full access to the field, the status isn't changing. I could just unlock the field, but then the user could potentially just move the project status to Approved which I do not want.

Does anyone have a suggestion for achieving this?


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  • If you have access to Pipelines I would suggest that.

    Set it up to trigger when the box is checked (either using the On New Event or Record Updated triggers).

    Then add a second step to Update the record to change the status.

    The Pipeline will run on your permissions vs the users.

    Quickbase Actions or table Webhooks could also be used, but those features will soon be deprecated, so I wouldn't recommend using them.