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3 years ago

Project Management/Task Management Design w/ Kanban reports & the new dashboards

Hi folks - (longish read - please forgive me)

I'm reaching out for a little help in brainstorming a larger idea that came to mind when attending the QB New Dashboards training last week.  The drag-n-drop kanban report they featured sparked my interest, as my organization is wanting me to incorporate a project management & task management tool into our Quickbase system.

What I was thinking of as an idea was to create a new app, that has a unique dashboard for each user - each dashboard features a kanban report (or reports) for programs, larger projects that we're launching, or task lists that can be assigned by senior management.

By creating unique dashboard per person, I hope to also the customize reports on projects and programs to be applicable to each user role in our organization (we're a small non-profit, so each person has a fairly unique role or focus, with very little redundancy; some reports might be valuable to multiple people, but it would be a unique display of appropriate programs/projects/tasks depending on what that person does - I'm IT, for example, and so I'm less interested in new graphic design than I am in tracking trouble tickets or launching new staff members)

We have several  applications in QB (some are still in process of being built), ranging from programs, to human resources, external surveys and more.  It doesn't really make sense, in my mind, to use the current applications that have specific focus', but instead to have a 'primary' application that pulls in the reports from several applications.

Is this idea possible?  As I start drawing this up in diagrams, do any of you have experience building something similar? Do you have any tips or suggestions that might simplify the process from the get-go?  I'm still quite new to Quickbase, so am working my way through a lot of these needs of our company quite slowly.

Thank you in advance for your awesome brains and any help/thoughts/guidance you might have to share.

Take care,


Jennifer Juhasz

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  • I am in a similar boat.  I have a central main app that is our Project Management app and it contains task management among other things.  We just started launching some other smaller apps (an HR app, a Knowledge based app for policies and procedures, and an app for our leadership to focus on development of people and for our quick base development.  I never was able to combine dashboards but now with the new dashboards as I understand we can so I am starting to convert one group to the new dashboards.  With them they are getting a combined view into the other apps.  I am doing it slowly and letting them give me suggestions and dislikes since it is a very small group of management level people to get it right before rolling it out to the entire company.

    Ivan Weiss